GF Signet Conductivity-Resistivity Electrodes

2818-2823 GF Signet Conductivity-Resistivity Electrodes

GF Signet Conductivity/Resistivity electrodes are designed to provide versatile installation and accurate sensing across a very broad dynamic range. These electrodes are built with a controlled surface finish to ensure accuracy and repeatability. The standard electrode is constructed 316 SS or Titanium, but there are other materials available for maximum chemical compatibility.

GF Signet 2839-1V(D)-2842-1V(D) PVDF Conductivity-Resistivity Electrodes

2839-1V(D)-2842-1V(D) PVDF GF SignetConductivity-Resistivity Electrodes

The GF Signet 2839-1V(D) to 2842-1V(D) GF SignetConductivity/Resistivity Electrodes are available in four cell constants from 0.01 to 10.0 cm-1, and are suitable for a wide variety of applications from high purity water quality monitoring to weak acids and bases. 316 SS electrode surface finishes are controlled in a precision bead blasting operation to ensure measurement accuracy and repeatability.


2850 Conductivity-Resistivity Sensor Electronics and Integral System with PVDF Sensor

The GF Signet 2850 Conductivity/Resistivity Sensor Electronics are available in various configurations for maximum installation flexibility. The universal mount version is for pipe, wall, or tank mounting and enables single or dual (digital versions only) inputs using any standard Signet Conductivity/Resistivity sensor. The threaded j-box version can be used with these same Signet sensors for submersible sensor mounting. It is also available as a combined integral system configuration for in-line mounting and includes a conductivity electrode in a choice of 0.01, 0.1, 1.0, 10.0 or 20.0 cm-1 cell constants. The 2850 is ideal for applications with a conductivity range of 0.055 to 400,000 μS or a resistivity range of 18.2 MΩ to 10 kΩ.

You can find different styles of GF Signet Conductivity-Resistivity Electrodes like 2818-2823